Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Tim Anderson is balling

Unwritten rules of baseball violator Tim Anderson just homered against the Pirates, giving him seven in 34 games now this season. His average currently stands at .260, and his OPS at .776. The dude also has 10 stolen bases in 11 tries, but maybe most impressive, he only has five errors in the field this season. I say only because he committed 28 last year, eight more than the next most, erm, adventurous fielders. Anderson finished just 94 errors shy of the single-season record, set in 1889 by Herman Long and matched by Billy Shindle in 1890. Honestly, what the hell were they doing back then?

Part of Anderson’s high error totals – as well as Long’s and Shindles’, for all I know – is his incredible range. Perhaps another, more important factor is that he throws the ball away or mishandles it more often than a major league shortstop should. Or, should I say, he used to throw the ball away or mishandle it far too often, because Anderson hasn’t made an error since April 27. If today’s game ends without him booting a ball, he will have played 11 straight error-free games.

The White Sox are bad anyway, but this season is all about beginning to determine who will be a part of the 2022 World Series champion Chicago White Sox. Allow me to declare, here and now, that if Tim Anderson hits more home runs than he commits errors this season, he will be a World Series winning shortstop in four years time.

Before we go, let’s check out the tentative lineup for that team, taking into account this season’s tryouts to this point:

C: ???
1B: Jose Abreu
2B: Yoan Moncada
3B: ???
SS: Tim Anderson
LF: ???
CF: ???
RF: ???
DH: Matt Davidson

SP: Reynaldo Lopez
SP: ???
SP: ???
SP: ???
SP: ???
CP: ???

Rebuilding is fun.