Sunday, April 29, 2018

There's no shame in being wrong occasionally

Previously on The Loser Point, I made the claim that the NBA is the only professional sports league that does its regular season awards correct, in that they hand them out during the playoffs, when the regular season is still somewhat fresh in our minds, and not after the playoffs have been concluded and a champion has been crowned and the entry draft is approaching, when the regular season is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Well, I was wrong.

Apparently, last year the NBA held its first-ever awards show, hosted by Drake, which I completely missed because the Warriors had locked up their NBA Finals win over the Cavs two weeks prior, and the NBA Draft had taken place four days before the regular season awards ceremony. The regular season had wrapped more than two months before the awards ceremony took place.

I regret my error, and let the record show that no pro sports league hands out its regular season awards in a timely, sensible fashion. The 2018 NBA awards will be handed out this year on June 25. At the risk of being wrong again, it will likely be hosted this time by Kevin Hart. He’s been around sports a lot lately. Unless the NBA has Drake do it again and makes him their Billy Crystal. Which kind of sounds fitting for Drake: the NBA’s Billy Crystal.