Thursday, April 26, 2018

Report: Someone took the time to scroll through 6 years of Josh Allen's Twitter feed

On the eve on the NFL draft, offensive tweets from a potential No. 1 pick, Josh Allen, surfaced on social media.

The tweets cited by Yahoo! Sports were sent in 2012 and 2013, when Allen was in high school.
Okay. (For fuck's sake.) Tweets from six years ago don't just surface on social media. Tweets from six years ago stay buried beneath six years of more recent inconsequential, unnecessary garbage. That's the platform. It's hundreds of millions of people making the same joke at the same time, while Donald Trump posts every stupid thought that pops into his head and George R.R. Martin logs the different ways he's procrastinating instead of writing The Winds of Winter. Here he is trying on a fun new hat:

The world would be better off without Twitter, and you know who would probably agree with me is the poor soul at Yahoo! who was forced to scroll through six goddamn years of Josh Allen tweets to generate news, if that's how this went down. If this was someone acting solo  – George R.R. Martin finding another method of procrastinating, perhaps – then this is just evidence that the five-day, 40-hour workweek is an outdated concept.

What I'm wondering is not how this will affect Allen's draft stock, but exactly why this news broke on the eve of the draft. Was this something Yahoo! was sitting on for a while, waiting for the moment that would make the biggest splash? Or was this simply how long it took their poor intern to sift through more than 9,000 tweets?
Here's some advice for anyone famous who joined Twitter before they were in the public eye: Just go ahead and delete your account and start anew. This happens to everybody, from Allen to Mitch Trubisky to Trevor Noah, and when you're going on this idiot thing posting all the nonsense that pops into your head over the span of years and years and years, there's no telling what you've said and when someone is going to take the time to find it. Or, you know, just delete it for good, because the world doesn't need any of it.